GYN System

This basic Vaginal System has been used by Gynecologist for many years.  Like the Deluxe System (see below) it features the notched segmented ring.  The horizontal flex bar allows for exact positioning, especially if the surgeon aproaches from down below.








System No. 72070




Deluxe Vaginal System

The Mediflex Deluxe Vaginal System recognizes that surgeons can approach the perineum from above or from below.  So the set includes a vertical extension bar and a horizontla flex bar to assist in getting over the thigh when coming from above.  The 12″ post and horizontal flex bar can make the approach from below.  In addition to the traditional Vaginal Blades, the system includes 6 Malleable baldes of varying sizes to allow the surgeon to optimize visualization.  The Vaginal Ring is segmented to allow for adjusting the angle and is notched to accept disposable hook retractors.