Cholangiography Products

Whether your surgeons introduce the Cholangiography Catheter through a trocar or percutaneously…whether they like a rigid tip or a flexible catheter, DBMedical offers the right Mediflex product for you. All of the Mediflex Cholangiography Devices feature a tip smaller than 4 Fr, and a design that makes it easy to insert without a separate grasper. Surgeon friendly and cost effective!.





Mediflex® Rigid Cholangiography Catheter
for Introduction. This device has a tapered,
beaded-tip 13″ (27.8cm) rigid catheter with
radiolucent 5mm introducer sheath and gas seal.
For laparoscopic use through a 5mm
trocar/cannula. Sterile, 10 each per box.








Mediflex® Percutaneous Flexible
Cholangiography Catheter. This style is a 20″
(42.8cm) flexible catheter that can be used in
open or laparoscopic procedures. Sterile, 10< each per box.>








Mediflex® Rigid Cholangiography Catheter for Percutaneous Introduction. This rigid Catheter comes complete with 14ga. percutaneous introducer. Sterile, 10 each per box.