Laparoscopic Disposable Products


Long known for cost-saving on reusable devices for surgery, Mediflex is now able offer more cost effective reposable and disposable Laparoscopic Devices. We feature a disposable Scissor Tip System that can save 15 to 35% over other tip systems and up to 70% on fully disposable shears. Mediflex has the world’s first Reposable Endo Bag system along with several cost-effective fully disposable laparoscopic devices


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 Reposable Scope Warmers  Cutting Edge System  Tissue Retrieval Systems
 Level_2_Photo_for_Wound_Closure  Level_2_Photo_for_Cholangiography_Products  Level_2_Photo_for_Insufflation_Needles
 Wound Closure  Cholangiography Products  Insufflation Needles
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 Ligating Clips and Appliers