Enjoying confidence means: taking on responsibility, providing security, fulfilling expectations, opening new possibilities. Far beyond the usual horizon or current moment. Especially where human health is concerned.

ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS® is the ideal partner for both suppliers and buyers as well as for dealers and importers of medical technology. Our full range of surgical instruments and related products will certainly provide you with a complete solution for your particular needs. With the best German OP quality. And at a price-performance ratio which is second to none.

Get the benefits of an original supplier of surgical instruments at the manufacturer’s level. On the pulse of technological development.


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Long-standing tradition and continuous progress are the fundamental pillars of a successful business. This is the foundation of the Tuttlingen location, which stands alone worldwide in medical technology. What began 300 years ago with the construction of the Ducal iron melting plant has developed, over time, into the Eldorado of surgical instrument making skills. ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS® can rely on a network of developed structures of approximately 400 companies.

Thanks to close contacts, our complete range of almost all surgical disciplines acquired in key positions at renowned providers will meet all of your needs. Right across the board. From batch instruments to filters with or without sterilization trays to complete containers. Put together individually according to your needs. All from one source.


1-      Diagnostic

2-      Aspiration, Intubation

3-      Cutting

4-      Scissors

5-      Eye, Micro Scissors

6-      Forceps

7-      Forceps

8-      Forceps

9-      Towel Forceps

10-   Sponge and Dressing Forceps

11-   Retractors

12-   Probes, Directors

13-   Trocars, Cannulas, Needles

14-   Needle Holders

15-   Suturing Instruments

16-    Auxiliary Instruments For Sterilization

17-   Plaster

18-   Bone Surgery

19-   Bone Surgery, Traumatology

20-   Bone Surgery, Traumatology

21-   Implants For Osteosynthesis

22-   Neurosurgery

23-   Ophthalmology

24-   Ophthalmology

25-   Otology

26-   Rhinology

27-   Mouth and Tongue

28-   Tonsils

29-   Larynx

30-   Tracheotomy, Goitre

31-   Thorax

32-   Gall Bladder, Kidney

33-   Intestines, Stomach

34-   Urology

35-   Rectum

36-   Gynecology

37-   Obstetrics

38-   Dermatology, Hygiene

39-   Storage, Sterilization

40-   RF-Surgery