VTI Doppler Systems



Many surgical specialties are served by VTI Intraoperative Doppler Systems. VTI has a Doppler probe that appropriately fits your application, including locating, identifying or avoiding blood vessels throughout your surgical procedures.

Disposable Doppler Probes: VTI’s single patient use Doppler Probes are ready to verify technical results, even in your most challenging cases. It’s an advantage that’s usually unattainable with common transcutaneous Doppler devices.


  • Vascular Surgeons use Doppler probes when performing a bypass graft to verify flow in an anastomosis and to locate vessels in scar tissue.
  • Urologists use Doppler probes, whether being completed in a laparoscopic or robotic procedure, in Varicocele Ligations and in Pyeloplasties and Partial and Radical Nephrectomies.
  • Cardiovascular Surgeons employ Doppler probes for CABG’s to verify flow in an anastomosis and to locate an intramyocardial IMA.


Nurses applaud the convenience and safety of VTI Doppler Probes. The Doppler probe quickly becomes an essential component on your OR procedure tray. With disposable VTI Doppler Probes, there’s no longer the need to perform time-consuming ETO sterilization with all the inherent health risks. ETO sterilization is a process that frequently causes irreversible damage to the traditional Doppler probes rendering them useless when needed most.

The savings from using VTI Doppler probes pleases hospital administrators and materials managers. Advantages include fewer replacements of conventional Doppler probes damaged during sterilization, OR time saved, and the reduction of costly angiograms and other specialty procedures.