VTI Oxygen Analyzer and Oxygen Monitor



The OR-proven VTI Oxygen Monitor is the system you want working for you when oxygen level alarms are needed. This superb, full-feature, multipurpose oxygen monitoring system employs state-of-the-art membrane switch technology and integrated circuitry. It gives you and your healthcare practitioners the unprecedented reliability you demand for the well being of your patients and the trustworthiness you have come to expect from VTI.

The VTI Oxygen Analyzer is the efficient and economic oxygen analyzer that augments the VTI Oxygen Monitor. Use the VTI Oxygen Analyzer for “spot checks” in instances when an oxygen level alarm is not necessary.

VTI gives you the choice of either polarographic or galvanic technology with all the convenience and economy you demand in oxygen analyzers. Call VTI to choose the oxygen detector that’s right for your needs.

VTI – your place to replace oxygen analyzers and oxygen monitors.


Outstanding Warranty

Contact us for details on our astonishing warranty for oxygen analyzers and all other products: Your fault, one year; our fault, forever!