Soft Tissue Dissectors



Laparoscopic 5mm & 10mm Soft Tissue Dissectors

VTI’s Laparoscopic Soft Tissue Dissectors utilize a novel, durable, atraumatic foam tip, allowing it to maintain its out-of-box quality for the duration of a procedure. Conversely, standard cotton tip dissectors (i.e. Kittner, Cherry dissector or Peanut) lose their effectiveness to “grab” tissue when they become saturated with fluid (i.e. blood, peritoneal fluid and irrigation fluid). Three to four of these cotton tipped instruments are routinely used in a single operative procedure and in some instances up to 10 to 20 may be needed to complete a procedure.

VTI’s Laparoscopic Soft Tissue Dissectors excel over cotton tipped Kittners because virtually one Dissector is used per operative procedure – saving both operative time and money for the hospital.

The durable, non-absorbent foam tip means that virtually one VTI Soft Tissue Dissector is used per procedure. Through innovation, VTI designed their durable and non-absorbent dissectors for delicate dissection, making them safe and easy-to-use.

The product comes individually packaged, so you open only what you need. Our VTI Soft Tissue Dissectors with atraumatic foam tips are offered in two sizes, designed to fit through either 5mm or 10mm ports.

For use in minimally invasive surgical procedures:

  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • General
  • Thoracic