Tungsten Carbide Instruments



Scissors and subsequently the TC instruments have long since been the foundation stone of the company – namely because, following the creation of the company in 1961, Hans Hermann specialised in the production of scissors and attempted over the years to set new benchmarks in this area. He reached his goal and innovative products were constantly launched on the market.  His greatest success came in 1969 with the early production of tungsten carbide scissors.  The company was the first in Europe and the second world-wide to produce such products. Today, these are still made entirely by us. We obviously set particularly great store by product quality.  Therefore, we are one of the few manufacturers who solder in tungsten carbide plates in our in-house vacuum oven instead of welding them in.  Scissors with soldered in tungsten carbide inlays are far harder than those with welded-in inlays and thus have a greater life-span.